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Stainless Steel Housing

GVS stainless steel filter housings are designed for filtration of gas, liquid and steam filtration. The top of the housing is equipped with a Clamp connection for ancillary equipment such as pressure relief valves or pressure gauges. The lowest point of the housings are equipped with pharma valves or vent/drain connections. Filter housings are designed to yield low differential pressure at high flow rates.
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Product features

High quality stainless steel design
Extremely low differential pressure
Various connection types
Different structures are suitable for filtration systems with
different media such as gas, liquid and steam
Full traceability to each filter with unique serial number

Typical Application

Pharmaceutical Industry
Food and Beverage
Chemical Industry


316L SS or 304 SS

Housing Gasket

Silicone, PTFE, Viton

Connection Types

Union Connection

Ferrule Connection

BSP thread connection

DIN flange

Welded ends

Surface Finish

Inner Surface Finish: Ra<0.4μm

Outer Surface Finish: Ra<0.8μm

Maximum Operating Temperature

Up to 200℃ depending on filter element selection and gasket material

Maximum Operating Differential Pressure

10 Barg

Part No. Material Cartridge Length Connection Sealing Ring
CFS 304=304 SS 10=10" U=Union E=EPDM


316L=316L SS 20=20" F=Ferrule Connection S=Silicone


  30=30" B=BSP thread Connection V=Viton


  40=40" D=DIN Flange T=Teflon


    W=Welded Ends  


Other Application