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GVS cartridge filter products can provide customers with comprehensive solutions. They are widely used in biopharmaceutical, food and beverage, semiconductor, chemical and machinery manufacturing industries.

GVS is committed to optimizing filtration solutions and providing protection for customers’ process and products through advanced filtration technology and complete product portfolio. And GVS cartridge filter products can reduce costs to achieve energy conservation and environmental protection.

  • ● Cell Culture Media
    ● Large Volume Parenteral (LVP’s)
    ● Pharmaceutical Bulk Chemical Solutions
    ● Diagnostics
    ● Blood and Serum Fractions
    ● Purified Water
    ● Bottled Water
    ● Process Water
  • ● Vinegar
    ● Aseptic Packaged Liquids
    ● Beer, Wine and Spirits
    ● Juice, Soft Drinks and Edible Oils
    ● Optical Disk Manufacturing
    ● Hard Disk Manufacturing
    ● Optical Coatings
    ● Container purge air
  • ● Compressed air
    ● Pressurized gases
    ● Tank ventilation
    ● Chemicals
    ● Formulation Tank air feed
    ● RO and WFI storage tank
    ● Fermentation air feed
    ● Aseptic packaging air