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The MicroCaster is an economical, entry-level manual microarraying system.


With the MicroCaster 8-pin hand tool, samples can be loaded from 96- well or 384-well plates. The MicroCaster Slide holder accommodates two slides. It has a built-in indexing system that enables precise printing of up to 768 spots in an array of 32 x 24 spots. It is designed for 1-pad FAST Slides with 20 x 51mm pad size and is compatible with other slide surfaces. MicroCaster accessories can be used to increase the flexibility of the manual arrayer system by providing accurate source-plate indexing and reliable pintool cleaning. The MicroCaster microplate indexer is compatible with standard 96- well microplates and the wash and blot station reduces the hassle of pin tool cleaning.

Part No.SpecificationVolumePackage
10485061MicroCaster™ Pin Conditioner 30ml 1PK30ml 1/pk
Part No. Specification Volume Package
10485061 MicroCaster™ Pin Conditioner 30ml 1PK 30ml 1/pk


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