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FAST Slide Incubation Chambers

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Used in conjunction with the FAST Frame or Chip Clip™ Slide Holder, GVS incubation chambers have a secure gasket design forming a tight, leak-proof seal with the FAST Slides to provide a convenient means to conduct binding reactions on protein microarrays. Incubation chambers are designed specifically to fit all FAST Slide formats. Simply remove the reusable incubation chamber when the reaction is finished.


Increase the ease and convenience of handling and processing

FAST Slides and ensure reproducible, consistent results with

every slide, every time.

FAST Frame Slide holder

Chip Clip Slide holder

MicroCaster 8-pin hand tool

MicroCaster Slide Holder

Part No.SpecificationVolumePackage
104861371-Well 20x51mm Incubation Chamber10ml 10/pk
104860872-Well Incubation Chamber 10PK10ml10/pk
Part No. Specification Volume Package
10486137 1-Well 20x51mm Incubation Chamber 10ml 10/pk


10486087 2-Well Incubation Chamber 10PK 10ml 10/pk


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