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Reprobing Charged Nylon

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GVS Nylon Reprobing, Charged transfer membrane is a positively charged modifIed nylon membrane, specifically designed to allow for numerous reprobings. The high binding capacity of 450 mg/cm2 makes GVS Nylon ideal for all Southern and Northern applications, including alkaline blotting. GVS Nylon is ideally suited for all probes both radioactive and non-radioactive, including chemiluminescent and biotinylated detection systems. GVS Nylon offers significantly increased binding, maximum “lot-to- lot” consistency, and excellent signal retention. The inherent charge on this nylon membrane along with its hydrophilic nature makes consistent repeatable results a reality for researchers. After 12 rounds of reprobing, GVS Nylon has a lower background and higher signal.


Supported charged nylon membrane

Specifically designed for multiple reprobings

Used for both radiolabelled & non-radiolabelled detection systems

Can be used for alkaline blotting

Nucleic acid binding is 450 μg/cm2


Radiolabelled & non-radiolabelled detection systems

Norther Blotting

Southern Blotting

Multiple Reprobings

Alkaline Blotting

UV Crosslinking

Pore Size(μm)Flow Time(s)Volume/Vacuum(mL/in Hg)

Flow Rate


Bubble Point(psi)Thickness
Part No. Membrane Size(mm) Pore Size Package
1226559 82 0.45μm 50/pk


1226561 82 0.45μm 100/pk


1226567 200x200 0.45μm 5/pk


1226568 220x220 0.45μm 5/pk


1226569 305x305 0.45μm 5/pk


1226575 305x305 0.45μm 25/pk


1226556 300x3000 0.45μm 1/pk


1226557 200x3000 0.45μm 1/pk


1226558 150x3000 0.45μm 1/pk


Other Application