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GVS Neutral Nylon Transfer Membrane is a pure polymer impregnated in by an inert polyester web. It is naturally hydrophilic and optimized for protein binding and for high, reproducible binding of nucleic acids.

This controlled microporous nylon membrane is cast on an inert, internal support web that gives it added dimensional strength and stability to prevent cracking, tearing, curling and breaking. This added strength and durability is essential in protocols that require aggressive handling, such as colony lifts and plaque lifts. In addition to the dimensional strength and durability of GVS Neutral Nylon Transfer Membrane, its retention of macromolecules can also be enhanced using UV crosslinking. This process can be used to maximize the signal retention of nucleic acids and preserve the integrity of DNA or RNA transfers. The purity and consistency of GVS Neutral Nylon Transfer Membrane, coupled with its added durability and sensitivity, make it an ideal membrane for use in medical research, scientific studies or test confirmations where precise biological pattern replications, such as DNA and RNA transfers, are integral to the success of the procedure.


Supported: has added strength and durability preventing distortion or contamination in multiple reprobings

High binding capacity: with a nucleic acid binding capacity of approximately 350 μg/cm2, Magna Nylon - Transfer Membrane can bind a wide range of fragment sizes, increasing the efficiency of transfers

Hydrophilic: eliminates the need for wetting agents that can potentially interfere with biological processes

Lot-to-lot consistency: quality checks ensure lot-to-lot consistency, both down and across the polyester web, for depenable results every time


Southern transfers

Northern transfers

Protein binding



Dot/Slot blotting

Radiolabeled detection systems

Non-radiolabeled detection systems

Colony lifts

Plaque lifts

Library screening

Pore Size(μm)Flow Time(s)Volume/Vacuum(mL/in Hg)

Flow Rate


Bubble Point(psi)Thickness
Part No. Membrane Size(mm) Pore Size Package
1213364 300x3000 0.45μm 1/pk


1213370 82 0.45μm 50/pk


1213372 85 0.45μm 50/pk


1213373 132 0.45μm 50/pk


1213375 137 0.45μm 50/pk


1213379 150x150 0.45μm 5/pk


1213380 200x200 0.45μm 5/pk


1213382 220x220 0.45μm 5/pk


1213403 200x3000 0.45μm 1/pk


1213404 150x3000 0.45μm 1/pk


1214428 82 0.45μm 100/pk


1213405 300x3000 0.22μm 1/pk


1213410 85 0.22μm 50/pk


1213419 200x200 0.22μm 5/pk


Other Application