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Glass Fibers Membrane

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GVS Filter Technology offers a wide range of glass microfiber filters made of 100% borosilicate glass fibers without binders. The depth structure of the filter with its large surface area provides an outstanding impurity retention capacity combined with a low filter resistance. Glass fiber filters adsorb the finest particles down to 1 μm from liquids and < 1 μm in air and gases, as the electrostatic interaction between the glass fibers and gases is better than between glass fibers and liquids. Temperature resistant up to 180o C.

Features and Benefits:

100% borosilicate glass filbers with binders

Organic binders added for increased strength


Can be used in place of GF10 glass microfiber filters

Penetration <0.05% (0.3um at 15 cm/s)


Air sampling to collect atmospheric particulates and aerosols

Particle filtration of gases  

Membrane:borosilicate glass fibers

Product Characteristics

Basis Weight64 g/m2
Thickness< 270 μm
BindersWith binders
Maximum Temperature180°C
Part No. Diameter Pore Size Package
FP025DAM64GLFC01 25mm 1.6μm 100/pk


FP037DAM64GLFC01 37mm 1.6μm 100/pk


FP047DAM64GLFC01 47mm 1.6μm 100/pk


FP050DAM64GLFC01 50mm 1.6μm 100/pk


FP090DAM64GLFC01 90mm 1.6μm 100/pk