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CXK-PES Capsule Filter

GVS CXK Capsflow Steaming in Place Capsule Filters have a standard filter sealed in a robust plastic housing, which remains high-strength and integral at a harsh applications. Typically Steaming in Place (SIP) sterilization.
The PES membrane capsule utilizes single layer hydrophilic polyethersulfone membrane. It offers broad chemical compatibility, high flow rate and low extractable.
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Product features

● Purpose-designed for SIP
● Cost-saving
● Easy connection with sanitary flange
● Wide chemical compatibility
● High dirt hold capacity
● High retention
● Thermal bonding
● Non-fiber releasing

Typical Application

● Cell Culture Media
● Large Volume Parenterals (LVP’s)
● Pharmaceutical Bulk Chemical Solutions
● Diagnostics
● Blood and Serum Fractions
● Purified Water
● Beer, Wine and Spirits
● Juice & Soft Drinks
● Bottled Water

Filtration Area

2.5’’ = 600 cm2

5’’ = 1700 cm2

Filter Media


Media Support


End Caps/ lner Core/Outer Cage:


Connection Size

2" TC

SIP sterilization cycles

50 cycles @ 126 °C

Maximum Operating Pressure

6.5 bar @25°C

Part No. Pore Size Application Sterilization Size Fittings Vent/Drain Price/one
CXKPS 0010=0.1μm X = Steaming in place N = Not Sterile SS = 2.5’’ 2TC = 2” TC SS = St/St


0020=0.2μm X = Steaming in place   LL=5’’   HH = HB/HB


          SH = St/HB


          HS = HB/St


Other Application