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25mm filter holder

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The GVS polypropylene 25 mm filter holders are very useful for ultra cleaning and sterilizing small volumes of liquids from a syringe. Due to the polypropylene construction, they can be used over a wide temperature range with excellent chemical compatibility. In the case of the syringe, the inlet cap locks into the base to prevent twisting damage to the membrane as the cap is tightened. Projection lugs on the base and the cap allow these units to be assembled and sealed quickly and efficiently. Typically, the 25 mm is used to filter up to 50 mL of sample.
With the syringe holder type, dual support screens prevent membrane rupture in case back pressure is applied.

It also allows for bi-directional sample flow. The polypropylene holder has a broad chemical compatibility range. It can withstand temperatures up to 121°C. and be autoclaved.

Features & Benefits:

Excellent chemical compatibility

Quick, efficient assembly

No need for special tools

Excellent temperature and chemical resistance

Several filter holders can be attached together for serial filtration

Typical Applications

Point of use sampling

Particulate removal

Used in filtering chromatography solvents

General filtration


Part No. Diameter Housing material Inlet/Outlet QTY Package
1214250 25mm Polypropylene FLL/MLS 10/pk


1214526 25mm Polypropylene FLL/MLS 10/pk


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