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SEPARA® Syringeless filter is one step sample preparation device and integrates a device auto-sampler, filtration membrane, plug and cap/septa. The device consists of two parts: an internal vial with a membrane chamber and an external vial to be filled with filtrate. The internal vial has a sealed membrane and a cap with a pre-cut septa.

The liquid is placed in the external vial and dispensed by pressing the internal vial. This pushes the liquid through the membrane. The sample is then filtered and the SEPARA is ready to be loaded in the auto-sampler.


Save money – Eliminate the need for separate syringes, syringe filters, vials and septa, reducing sample preparation costs by 50%

Save operator time – 15 seconds SEPARA® Press&Go!, against 3 minutes with conventional sample preparation methods

Speed up process with high throughput automation – Designed and compatible for use with all HPLC or UHPLC auto-samplers

Preserve precious samples – Start with less sample volume; dead volume as low as 30 microliters (μL)

Reduce risk of cross-contaminations – No cumbersome steps transferring sample between different devices

Extend column life and needle longevity – Reduce risks of clogging and back pressure build up

Increase operator security – Safer single step process

Reduce identification errors – Color-coded caps by membrane type and pore size

Technical Specification:

Dimensions12 mm diameter x 32 mm height
MaterialsPolypropylene, with PTFE and silicone septa
Fill Line Volume480 microliter
Filtering Capacity450 microliter
Dead Volume30 microliter
Compression Force8 psi (0.6 bar)
Maximum operating temperature50°C


Part No. Pore Size Color Package Sterilized
MV32ANPPS002EC01 0.20μm Light Green 100/pk No


MV32ANPPS004WC01 0.45μm Dark Green 100/pk No


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