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17mm PVDF(Polyvinylidene Fluoride)

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GVS Life Sciences offers a range of disposable syringe  filter devices designed to provide fast and efficient filtration of aqueous and organic solutions. They are available in a wide variety of sizes and membranes, with a polypropylene or acrylic housing, for both sterile and non sterile laboratory applications.

Features and Benefits:

Lower hold-up volume: Due to an improved  flow channel design and reduced spacing between the supports within the housing, for better handling of small sample volumes or costly samples

Increased operating pressure: Up to 130 psi due to the over-mold that prevents sample leaking at the seam and keeps the  lter unit from bursting in half

Strict quality control: Syringe  lters are integrity tested to ensure a proper  fit and weld to eliminate any potential  filter by-pass

Accurate labeling: Each  filter is labeled with the specific filter material and pore size for easy identification even if the syringe  filter is not in its original packaging


Filtration of Aqueous, Organic and Alcohol Solutions

Analytical Sample Preparation

IC Chromatography

Fuel Hydraulic Fluids and Machined Parts


Protein Chemistry

Cell Culture

Membrane MaterialPVDF(Polyvinylidene Fluoride)
Membrane Diameter17mm
Housing Diameter22mm
Effective Filtration Area1.4 CM2
Housing MaterialPolypropylene Overmolded
Holdup Volume<40 microliter
Maximum Operating Temperature82°C
Maximum Operating Pressure80 psi
Part No. Diameter Pore Size Inlet/Outlet Color Package Sterilized
3023135 17mm 0.45μm FLL/MLS Polypropylene(Transparent) 50/pk No


3023187 17mm 0.45μm FLL/MLS Polypropylene(Transparent) 1000/pk No


3023188 17mm 0.45μm FLL/MLS Polypropylene(Transparent) 500/pk No


3049952 17mm 0.22μm FLL/MLS Polypropylene(Transparent) 1000/pk No


Other Application