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Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

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PTFE (fine powder resin) is expanded into a 3-dimensional weblike structure called PTFE which creates billions of microscopic pores. This structure utilizes the inherent hydrophobic (waterresistant) and non-stick nature of PTFE to allow removal of particulate captured on the membrane surface. This allows air to pass easily through the membrane while collecting particulate as small as 0.1 micron on its surface. PTFE membranes and laminates provide device manufacturers with a consistent, temperature and chemical compatible barrier to microbes and particulate matter. The optimal combination of air flow and water entry pressure adds value to most device designs.


Naturally hydrophobic

Compatible with strong acids and aggressive solutions

Improved durability and handling


Filtration of strong acids and aggressive solutions

Venting applications

Phase separations

Aerosol samplings


Pore Size(μm)Bubble Point(EtOH)(kPa)Flow Time(MeOH)(sec)Thickness(μm)
Part No.Membrane DiameterPore SizeMembraneColorPackageSterilized
121548513mm0.22μmPTFE - TeflonPP laminated100/pkNoOrder
121548625mm0.22μmPTFE - TeflonPP laminated100/pkNoOrder
121548747mm0.22μmPTFE - TeflonPP laminated100/pkNoOrder
121548890mm0.22μmPTFE - TeflonPP laminated25/pkNoOrder
1215489142mm0.22μmPTFE - TeflonPP laminated25/pkNoOrder
126768112x12in0.22μmPTFE - TeflonPP laminated50/pkNoOrder
302602820x20cm0.22μmPTFE - TeflonPP laminated5/pkNoOrder
121549113mm0.45μmPTFE - TeflonPP laminated100/pkNoOrder
121549225mm0.45μmPTFE - TeflonPP laminated100/pkNoOrder
121549347mm0.45μmPTFE - TeflonPP laminated100/pkNoOrder
121549490mm0.45μmPTFE - TeflonPP laminated25/pkNoOrder
1215495142mm0.45μmPTFE - TeflonPP laminated25/pkNoOrder
123742320x20cm0.45μmPTFE - TeflonPP laminated5/pkNoOrder
121444320x20cm1.0μmPTFE - TeflonPP laminated5/pkNoOrder
121550325mm1.0μmPTFE - TeflonPP laminated100/pkNoOrder
121550447mm1.0μmPTFE - TeflonPP laminated100/pkNoOrder
121550590mm1.0μmPTFE - TeflonPP laminated25/pkNoOrder
1215506142mm1.0μmPTFE - TeflonPP laminated25/pkNoOrder
123529912x12in1.0μmPTFE - TeflonPP laminated50/pkNoOrder
301336247mm1.0μmPTFE - TeflonPP laminated25/pkNoOrder
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