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Centrifuge Filters - Centrex™

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GVS centrifuge filters, Centrex, has various type of membranes and make able the end users to do a larger sample preparation, with a considerable reduction of contamination risk. Thanks to the GVS knowledge in filtration, using Centrex you can reduce the risk of cross contamination. 


Centrifugal filter units with various types of membrane filter

Rapid and simple preparation of a large number of samples

Ideal for automated systems and high-speed batch filtration with robots

Considerably reduced contamination risk when working with radioactive biologically hazardous material

Cross contamination avoided

Capacity: 1.5 or 5 mL 

Housing Material: Polypropylene

Sterilization: Gamma Irradiation or Ethylene Oxide (EtO) 

Typical Applications

0.45 μm cellulose acetate membrane for the rapid elution of agarose gels

Nylon and cellulose acetate membranes for the removal of particles and microorganisms from HPLC samples

Sample preparation for quality control

Cellulose acetate and nitrocellulose membrane for rapid clearing and filtration of aqueous solutions

Part No.CapacityPore SizeMembrane materialColorPackageSterilized
104670011,5 ml0.2μmNC(Nitrocellulose)Pink50NoOrder
104670051,5 ml0.45μmNC(Nitrocellulose)Rust50YesOrder
104670021,5 ml0.45μmNylonTan250NoOrder
104670031,5 ml0.2μmNylonBrown50NoOrder
104670071,5 ml0.45μmNylonTan50YesOrder
104670041,5 ml0.2μmCA(Cellulose Acetate)Blue50NoOrder
104670061,5 ml0.45μmCA(Cellulose Acetate)White50YesOrder
104670081,5 ml0.8μmCA(Cellulose Acetate)Green50YesOrder
104670091,5 ml0.2μmCA(Cellulose Acetate)Blue250NoOrder
104670111,5 ml0.45μmCA(Cellulose Acetate)White250NoOrder
104670105,0 ml0.2μmNylonBrown250NoOrder
104670125,0 ml0.45μmNylonTan250NoOrder
104670155,0 ml0.2μmNylonBrown50YesOrder
104670215,0 ml0.45μmNylonTan50YesOrder
104670135,0 ml0.2μmCA(Cellulose Acetate)Blue50YesOrder
104670175,0 ml0.45μmCA(Cellulose Acetate)White50YesOrder
104670195,0 ml0.45μmNC(Nitrocellulose)Rust50YesOrder
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