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Bottle-top Filters-ZapCapTM

Product Consultation

GVS Bottle-top Filters is ideal solution for the filtration of cell culture media and HPLC media solution. ZapCap is a complete 500 mL filtration unit to connect with receiver bottles. ZapCap are equipped with side tubing nozzle (bottle-top). This ready to use filter is available with prefilter too. The connection seals fit on any standard bottle 33 to 45 mm and the membrane diameter is 76 mm with an effective area of filtration of 39.2 cm2. Can be used up to 50oC.

ZapCap™ Selection Guide

ZapCap-S with included package of 12 glass fiber prefilter for high flow rates

ZapCap-S Plus with a glass fiber prefilter for very high flow rates already inserted into the housing.

ZapCap-CR, the chemical-resistant bottle-top filter

Typical Applications

ZapCap-S-Filtration of cell culture media

Cellulose acetate membrane filters (CA)with extremely low

protein binding for cell culture media and other aqueous solutions.

Sterile filtration of solutions which cannot be autodaved

ZaCap-S Plus-Sterile filtration and clarification of difficuit-to-filter aqueouse solutions

ZapCap-CR-Filtration of HPLC solutions

Polyamide membrane filters(NYL)for the retention of particles ≥ 0.2

um in HPLC/FPLC solutions when the column packing is ≤ 10um

PTFE membrane filters for the retention of particles ≥ 0.45um in

organic solutions;strong acids or aldehydes

Part No.Pore SizeHousing materialMembraneQTYPackage
104434300.22μmPolystyreneCA+Glass fiber12/pkSterilizedOrder
104434350.45μmPolystyreneCA+Glass fiber12/pkSterilizedOrder
Other Application