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Part No. 10498763

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GVS offers stainless steel manifolds for microbial enumeration.

The manifold is available in 3 and 6 positions and can be easily set to have a larger amount of samples capacity.The filter manifolds have been designed specifically for microbiological applications. Filter holder supports accept No. 8 silicone perforated stopper. These devices fit with the microbiological monitors and funnel. The surface is easy to clean and avoid any cross contamination during the analysis.

Features & Benefits:

Easy to clean

Easy to prevent biofilms

Simple to use   

Typical Applications:

Beer Bottled

Water Cosmetics

Pharmaceutical Products Analysis

Bioburden Testing

Water Monitoring

3-place vacuum manifold

6-place vacuum manifold

Part No.NamePackage
104987633-place vacuum manifold1/pk


104987646-place vacuum manifold1/pk


Other Application