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PM 2.5 PTFE Membrane

Product Consultation

GVS Life Sciences PM 2.5 PTFE Membrane is a high-purity, thin membrane for PM 2.5 ambient air monitoring. Each membrane is sequentially numbered with a chemically resistant polypropylene support ring. The low tare mass allows for accurate gravimetric determinations. No glues or adhesives are used in making the membranes and its stable design eliminates curling, keeping the membrane flat allowing for robot use.


Filter thickness30-40 μm
Filter diameter46.2 mm
Filter pore size2.0 μm
Support ring materialPolypropylene
Total support ring thickness0.38 mm
Support ring width3.68 mm
Particle retention(0.3μm)99.7 %
Pressure drop(0.3μm) @16.67 l/min clean air30 cm water
Alkalinity<25 μeq/g of filter
Temperature weight loss stability<20 μg
Drop test weight loss stability<20 μg
Moisture weight gain stability<10 μg
Part No.DiameterPore SizePackage